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Andy Mann

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Polar Visitor
Svalbard, Norway, June 2018

After going to sleep aboard the Freya, an arctic research vessel circumnavigating around Svalbard, Norway, I heard a gentle knock on my door around 2:30 a.m. “A bear is approaching, please quietly make your way out to the deck if you’d like to observe it,” said the guide. I grabbed my camera and rushed down the hallway, noticing I had accidentally left my 12-24mm wide angle lens mounted on the camera body overnight. Not the best lens for photographing distant polar bears. I’ll just have a quick look outside, I thought. I opened the port-side door to the deck; the cold air hit my face as I scanned the horizon for bears. Nothing. Moments later, I heard a heavy breath at my feet, even before I smelled it. I looked down to see a mother bear had stood up on her hind feet and was taking a good look at my muck boots through the ship's gunnel hole. My photo instincts are much sharper than my survival instincts, I bent down in front of her and took a few photos before she lost interest, gathered her cubs, and made her way back into the mist. I thanked my lucky stars for walking out into this moment with the "wrong" lens. A little luck goes a long way.

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9 x 12 in (22.86 x 30.48 cm)
Digital chromogenic archival print on matte paper
Hand stamped for authentication
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